Recycling of electrical and electronic equipment

All of us can easily contribute to the activities for supporting the environmental protection – by voluntary and gratuitously handing over waste electrical and electronic equipment (“equipment”) to an organization on waste using.


Order for handing over equipment can be placed to telephone 0800 14100 (free of charge for subscribers of Bulgarian mobile or fixed networks), as well as to email [email protected]а If the service is available in the respective town or village and after approval of the order, the requested equipment shall be picked up for recycling with free-of-charge transport.


  • You shall not due any costs for handing over the equipment for recycling;
  • Against the equipment you shall not receive any remuneration or any other benefit;
  • Before handing over the equipment you have to make it fit for loading and transportation (for example, the equipment should be switched off from the water and sewerage, electric and all other networks, it has been connected thereto; it should be disassembled from stands/cupboards, etc.)
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