TECHNOPOLIS offers delivery to its customers at the doorsteps of their home. Terms and conditions for delivery of products differ in the event of on-line order and purchase in hypermarkets.
They go as follows:


Free delivery for purchase in hypermarket


Delivery at: Value
Purchase at a store Free
Online order above 50 BGN incl. VAT Free
Online order below 50 BGN incl. VAT 3.99 BGN incl. VAT


Customers who purchase appliance from the stores of the hypermarket chain TECHNOPOLIS can benefit from free delivery. Deliveries are carried out on a daily basis. Beyond cities and towns where TECHNOPOLIS hypermarkets are located free deliveries are performed on a certain schedule. Employees of our transport will deliver to you purchased commodity on a preliminary agreed upon day and hour interval which are fixed in the store at the time of buying. In order to receive the appliance it is necessary to show your identity card and purchase documents for the appliance (invoice or a receipt).

Conditions of delivery:


  1. To a residential building, the delivery shall be of a door-to-door type.
  2. To a residential building under rough construction, the delivery shall to the entry of the building.
  3. To a house with yard, the delivery shall to the door of the yard.
  4. Upon delivery the recipient shall be obliged to present his/her Personal ID Card and documents for the purpose of the respective appliance.


For the cities Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas deliveries of appliances bought from TECHNOPOLIS are free within the boundaries of the relevant city/town. For delivery to a certain address beyond the boundaries of the city/town a charge is paid in the amount of 1 (one) BGN/km only in one direction.


Example: If town X is situated at a distance of 10 km from the town where purchase has taken place the customer pays 10 (ten) BGN for delivery.


Example: If the town X is situated at a distance of 48 km from the town where the purchase has taken place, the customer pays 18 (eighteen) BGN for delivery.

Delivery upon online purchase


Customers purchasing an appliance from the online store of TECHNOPOLIS hypermarkets shall be entitled to free delivery in case of online order to the total value of over BGN 40, incl. VAT, and shall pay for delivery of BGN 3.99, incl. VAT, in case of online order to the total value of less than BGN 50, incl. VAT.


The delivery term is according to the conditions described below:


The delivery of a commodity orders via the online store shall take place via courier. Deliveries shall take place only on the geographical territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, excluding deliveries to Bulgarian diplomatic missions abroad, embassies, ships and airplanes under Bulgarian flag, etc., which pursuant to the regulations of the international law are deemed a part of the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Upon the delivery the recipient shall sign a slip of acceptance and delivery, thus certifying the precise implementation of the order. The delivery terms regarding goods ordered via the online store are as follows:

  1. For goods ordered until 02:00 p.m. Bulgarian time - 24 hours as of the day following the day of order confirmation.
  2. For goods ordered after 02:00 p.m. Bulgarian time - 48 hours as of the day following the day of order confirmation.
  3. For home appliances, the period is 72 hours as from the day following the order's confirmation date.

All terms specified shall be applicable as long as the same are not in contradiction with the delivery terms applied by the courier, as specified at:


In all cases Technopolis shall reserve its right, unilaterally and without notifying the consumer, to prolong the specified terms by a term of up to 14 days. The goods shall be delivered to the recipients as the standard practice – by hand against signature, as larger parcels (at the discretion of the person making the delivery) shall be delivered to the entrance of the building. In case of impossibility or difficulty to personally deliver to the recipient, parcels shall be delivered as follows:

  1. for an official address – to a person with a place of employment at the address by specifying the name and position/department of the person receiving the parcel.
  2. for a home address – to a member of the household by specifying the name of the person receiving the parcel and his/her relationship with the recipient. In case of impossibility to hand over the parcel during the first visit, not through the fault of Technopolis and/or the courier (in case there is no person present at the address, etc.), the person making the delivery shall leave a notice specifying a contact telephone number, where the recipient should call within a term of three days in order to specify a new term for making the delivery. In case of impossibility to hand over the parcel and in case of second visit not through the fault of Technopolis and/or the courier, the Distance Sale Agreement shall be automatically terminated, as in such case as a sanction for the buyer’s failure in duty, Technopolis shall detain all amounts paid by the buyer. The statement made in the sentence above shall be also applicable for the cases when a recipient groundlessly refuses to accept a given parcel.
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